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Hi Vanilla friends,

I have an 'Articles' widget on the Community homepage that show featured articles from our KB.

Now, we'd like to showcase this widget on our main public web.

I'd need for it to be clickable, and update automatically if I've made any changes to the featured articles on Community.

How can I do this?

The IT guy is asking for a 'snippet of code' that would share the content of the featured articles to our website - and can't do it via API.




  • paddykelly
    paddykelly HLV Staff
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    I'm going to have to put another dollar in the "Good News, Bad News" Jar. The good news is you can embed this data on, say, your corporate site. The bad news is there isn't a simple plug-n-play code snippet. Vanilla is an application that is built around RESTful APIs. That means when we create a feature we make sure its data structure is first accessible through API calls, then we use those calls to to get the data and feed it to scripts that add structure and styles.

    That means that the articles in your Featured Articles widget are available via an API call that can be made with JavaScript embedded in your corporate site. That JavaScript can that get the results and display it by generating HTML and injecting some CSS into the page where you want it to appear.

    I could give you a sample of what I mean here, if that could help. In the meantime, you could point your IT person to our API documentation, where it all begins:

  • BrendanP

    Embed code for specific widgets would make for a great feature idea that I know has been requested before and discussed internally.