Running a community-improvement hackathon

gxjansen Vanilla Ice Cream
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Hi all,

At Spryker we run developer hackathons where developers from our (partner/customer) ecosystem work on improving our software. This can be through submitting PRs on Github, building addons or using the API to create nice integrations.

I was wondering if anyone has done something similar with their own community, but then to improve the community forum (Vanilla) itself. Not necessarily about improving the core code (I suggest Vanilla does this themselves ;)), but I suppose that through the API, community members could build some neat stuff that can improve their community experience.

Has anyone every run such a thing with their community? Any things to consider here? Would you give hackathon participants access to the vanilla staging environment for this or how would the workflow look like?

Any help would be much appreciated :)


  • BrendanP
    BrendanP HLV Staff
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    This could be a really interesting idea for this Success community and have customers share any custom integration or workaround they've developed. I think our Community team should think about how we could bring something like that to life here like a show & tell session.

  • gxjansen
    gxjansen Vanilla Ice Cream

    @BrendanP maybe we can get an expert from Vanilla to do an opening session (remote or even on-site) for inspiration on what the possibilities are with Vanilla (mainly with the API) as a kickstarter for such a session :)