Subcommunities, who has one?

LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream
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I'd like to create a subcommunity. To research the idea, I'm looking for Vanilla users that have a subcommunity to see how it is all set up. Who has a community + subcommunity here that you wouldn't mind me snooping around in?




  • Adam
    Adam HLV Staff
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    I can point you to a few types publicly visible Vanilla sites with subcommunities that you might find helpful:

    Sites with Multiple Languages

    And many more. Subcommunities are very often used to separate sections of the community by language.

    Sites with Multiple Sections / Products

    Sometimes a more complicated site will have multiple languages and products. A prime example of this would be King Games communities.

    Sites with 1 Locale and multiples sections

    This is far less common in our communities, although not unheard of. Unfortunately, I can't think of a publicly visible site off the top of my head. Probably the most common setup is to have a public subcommunity, then have one or more private/internal subcommunities. In this case, no chooser will appear in the navigation.

    One of the reasons for this is subcommunities can put up a pretty big wall between different parts of the community, so our site administrators tend to lean more toward categories in this case. The main reason you would want to use subcommunities, in this case, would be to have separate visual themes and layouts between different Subcommunities.

    Another reason that is less common is that many communities that have different brands and want to have some friction between the different parts of the community tend to have different site administrators and departments of a company running them, so those sites tend to end up using our Hub/Node functionality and SSO.

  • BrendanP
    BrendanP HLV Staff

    @LiselotteP Do you have any idea in terms of what you're thinking of for a subcommunity? Is it a different language? Audience? Use case? Sometimes depending on what it is a category or a group makes sense.

    Your sister company F-Secure uses it for languages as well for context. However, I've seen other cybersecurity companies like Sonicwall use it for a private partner section and a private beta testing feedback section.

  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream

    Thanks for the suggestions @Adam !

    @BrendanP, I have a B2B community (WithSecure), and we have different types of users, so 'normal' customers, and 'partner' customers that are essentially resellers.

    I am looking to create a subcommunity for these resellers.

    Ideally, I don't want to shut it out of the main community entirely, as I still would like resellers to be able to engage in the main community too.

    I will look into Sonicwall, thanks!