The "silent work" we do

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

I really appreciated @Genevieve P's comment on today's analytics webinar about wanting to track the "silent work" we community managers do. i.e. Modifying, moving, dealing with spam, approving registrations, etc. This is definitely something I'd like to share with my stakeholders.

  1. How are you tracking your "silent work"?
  2. @Shauna @Val @Branwyn T Is there a way to post the how-to for building that analytics chart here?



P.S. Forgot who said, but also loved the idea of a thread where we could share examples of the charts we've built out and how they help us!


  • Branwyn T
    Branwyn T HLV Staff

    Here you go!

  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Ice Cream

    @Branwyn T
    Can we create a chart when a Discussion type of post is changed into a Question type of post? This is an event that our Moderators action all the time and I'd like to show how frequently it happens on a weekly basis.

    I don't see it as a "Type" under "Post Modifications". Is there a different Data Source for this…. Q&A perhaps?