How do you present your Community?

bmaue Vanilla Seedling

Heyo! Me again!

I'm getting ready to present the state of our Community to the company. I'm looking for ideas/suggestions on how you present the state of your Community. Do you use a powerpoint deck? What metrics do you focus on? How do you know you are reporting info. that's helpful for the entire company? Thanks for everything!


  • PiperWilson

    Hi, @bmaue!

    These are excellent questions. I'm not a data person by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have some thoughts. I am my mother's daughter, after all! ;)

    First, I think your last question is the most important one. "How do you know you are reporting information that's helpful for the entire company?"

    The only way you can know is to find out from them what's important. Since you're preparing now, you may not have much time for the questions like, "What are the goals you are working on? If you had your way, how would the community support those goals?" The next best thing (I think?) would be to look at previous reports by other departments and glean your answers from there. Finally, if nothing else, look at the work each department does at a high level and theorize - Support needs help with ticket deflection or time spent, etc.

    Finally, I'd like to offer this episode from @ericakuhl and @BrianOblinger's In Before the Lock Podcast.

    Just say No to Page Views

    I hope this helps.