Rank Change Over Time


I'd like to learn about methods of assessing User's Rank changes over time.

This would be a valuable way for us to measure engagement change over time.

I know that we can use the leaderboard to track engagment for a defined period of time but I think it doesn't allow us to assess the rank of any user- including those who may just be dipping a toe in the pool of Community.

Is there a specific analytics chart that I may be missing to track this change monthly or perhaps an API?

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  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae
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    I agree - we need this as well!

    I've created an Idea post to ask for more metrics around Ranks, to be able to track week-over-week changes, please vote on it, here!

    We can only seem to get information about Ranks (such as the number in each Rank) by going to Search and filtering by that Rank.

    I'm currently testing getting a CSV file of members by rank using the API, see Val's post here, but have so far been unsuccessful.