Do you share your Product Roadmap in your community?

Alex Dunne
Alex Dunne Vanilla Flower
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I'm wondering whether anyone shares their product roadmap in their community. If so, how do you share it, and what is your rationale behind sharing it?

For context, we're currently revamping how we share our product roadmap with our customers, and using our community to do so is one option we're exploring.

Thanks in advance!


  • Kyna_Baker
    Kyna_Baker Vanilla Seedling

    We share product updates in our virtual user groups, and it may be a quick overview of our product roadmap, or an update about the product roadmap. We don't have it outright hosted on the community though.

  • matthieu_ni
    matthieu_ni Vanilla Sprout

    We experimented sharing a simplified version of the roadmap for one of our software product every quarter in our community. This was done alongside an ideation area so users can see what is being worked on and what is coming up next.

    We did so because when checking results from our quarterly NPS, we realised that the lack of communication around future developments was resulting in community members scoring lower and in some cases leaving our space. They were also pretty vocal for a while about having a roadmap.

    It's all new to us but it does feel like folks appreciate the transparency and it reduced the amount of negativity around what's next and having to moderate the same threads over and over.

  • Alex Dunne
    Alex Dunne Vanilla Flower

    Thanks @Kyna_Baker - I definitely think that if we share something, it would be a pared down version.

    @matthieu_ni this is the issue we're experiencing - some user segments are less aware than others of what's coming down the pipeline. We actually suspect it may lead to more relevant ideas too if users know at least roughly what's on the roadmap for the next few months.