Do your internal users post to your Ideas board?


Hi everyone,

We currently only allow customers to post to our Ideas Board but we've had some questions from our Product team about whether internal staff users can post there too. Account Managers/Support team etc. are often given feedback directly from customers and they are wondering if they could post it to the Ideas Board as well.

I can see the value of consolidating all the feedback in one place but am also conscious that this is a customer-facing space and there may be issues around optics of internal staff posting ideas.

Has anyone come up against a similar situation? How do you deal with it?



  • RyanHL
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    Hi Alex,

    To me it depends on sponsorship of the idea- it is important for your staff to show support for the customer ideas that come in, but just as important to have the customer submit that idea so you can track where it originated and who it will help.

    Does your organization have an internal way to capture direct staff feedback and enhancement requests, and does it have any way to link to a customer or reference a customer idea (URL or ID)?

    Related to optics, there a few ways we see staff support ideas in the community without directly submitting. From (authentically) upvoting your customer's idea to having your community manager pay attention to ideas disguised as discussions and actively managing the conversation. A great example is by our very own @PiperWilson in this thread where she recognizes an idea and tags another customer who has shown interest.

    Great question for the community though- I am interested to hear how others do it too, and please keep us posted on how your ideation plan works out!