A place for fun?

bmaue Vanilla Seedling


I'm thinking of adding a spot in our community for folks to have fun. So posting things like happy hour games. Has anyone done this? Is it successful? Let me know. Thanks!!


  • PiperWilson

    WOW! It took me a while to get the joke in the gif! Thank you!

    I don't have a specific answer for you, but I have things you can think about.

    • It depends on the tone of your community and your company.
    • Do your members already joke around with each other?
    • Are posts like this already sneaking into the community?
    • How does your brand interact with the public on other platforms? Are they casual or formal?

    I hope that helps a bit.

  • Max
    Max HLV Staff Alumni

    Hey @bmaue - First, I think Piper's answer is great and it about sums it up. Only thing I'd add on is, you may lose more than you gain. If people are coming into your community and seeing this kind of content, they may intuitively think 'this space isn't for me'. When people land on a Community, they take a very quick glance at what's there - if their eyes land on the fun content, instead of the content that adds value to them in their role or otherwise, they immediately register it as a negative.

    You can solve for this by 'burying' the 'fun' content, but then, people need to seek it out and it likely won't work either.

  • bmaue
    bmaue Vanilla Seedling

    These are all super helpful points. Thanks!

  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    @bmaue We literally have a "Just for Fun" category! The #FurryFriday discussion is the most popular, with people sharing pet pics. It's not super active, but once in awhile someone will get a new puppy and share a pic. When they do, we send them a little care package with dog/cat-appropriate toys from a local company (West Paw)!