What are you using for ranks and points?

choyt Vanilla Seedling

I'd love to hear what others are using for their community ranks and point systems.

Happy to go first...

  1. Apprentice - 1pt
  2. Milliner Status - 10pts
  3. Community Ambassador - 150pts
  4. Astonishing Community Achiever - 300pts
  5. Community Captain - 600pts
  6. Community VIP - 1200pts
  7. Community Vigilante - 2400pts
  8. Millennium Icon - 4800pts
  9. Sommelier - 9600pts
  10. Master Sommelier - 19200pts

We're revising these a bit and you can see we have a bit of our community "personality" in a few of them. But I think we'd benefit from seeing what others have and how they do the point progression.

I'm also wondering if anyone has done anything that somehow ties other activities to points through something like Zapier, for example...