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Adrian Head of CommunityVanilla Staff

Hello Friends!

I'd love to know the things you'd like to get more help on. What are topics of interest for you? What are your challenges?

Don't be shy to post here, or to drop me a private message - with as much details as possible. We have so much more amazing content in store for you in 2020, but we also want to make sure we are addressing your needs!

Look forward to your ideas and suggestions!


  • Kara
    Kara Member
    edited July 2020

    Our company introduced our online community in March. Since this is our company's very first community, I get a lot of questions like "Are our numbers good?" and "How do we compare to other communities like ours?" and "How do we know we're trending in the right direction?"

    I know these questions drive Community Managers and CSMs bonkers since, as we all know, every community is a special snowflake! Ours in particular is a hybrid community of industry best practice sharing (open to the entire philanthropic sector) and software support (open to current customers only).

    I'd love to know how others are benchmarking when they are managing a "first community" and there's nothing to compare to except how you did last week or month. I'd also like to hear how other Community Managers field these types of questions from stakeholders, as well as how you manage to predict the future when it's requested you do so to project what will be going on in your community tomorrow and beyond!

  • Adrian
    Adrian Head of Community Vanilla Staff

    Hey @KBA406

    I think we’ve covered a lot of how to select goals and how to measure. I like one we did with Carrie

    I think the gap you’ve identified - is you want to see content and help to know how to interpret data/KPIs, how to know you’re on the right track (and course correct) and how to create predictions for trends for the future - when benchmarks are not as easy to come by. These are great questions for a session. Thanks for the suggestion ❤️

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