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Community Guidelines for Vanilla Conversations

Adrian Head of CommunityVanilla Staff SuccessTeam
edited May 2020 in Vanilla Conversations #1

Welcome to the Vanilla Success Community. This category has been created so all Vanilla Conversations attendee can converse, exchange ideas and connect with anyone else using a Vanilla powered hosted community.

Every community has its own culture and boundaries and we are excited to create this space for you, but we also ask you review the below guidelines, before posting, as we expect all members to be familiar with them and will be held accountable for following them as well.

Community Guidelines

We are a company which embraces openness and diversity, and appreciate varied points of view in a respectful manner. To maintain a similar environment, in this community, we ask you extend the same courtesies to everyone participating here. We expect everyone to act with respect and to use proper judgement for a community for community builders. Just as you'd want your own community to behave, we ask the same of you.

Here are some things other consideration to remember when interacting in our community:

  • This a safe space, so there are no dumb questions. Accept everyone has a different skill level.
  • We ask you be respectful, friendly and sincere to all posters.
  • We ask you to keep your posts relevant to the event.
  • We encourage you to use the Reactions (the little bar under every comment) to share your positive feedback with users.
  • Encourage other community members, especially those who are new to community management.
  • Share your experience and your knowledge. We can all learn something new!
  • Read through these guidelines and follow them
  • Have fun 😀

Rather than give you a lot of do not do's , we ask you refrain from self promotion and use the common sense of a public space we have created. We know you are all community builders, and we trust you to treat this space as your own. We hope you will help us build a great community experience for everyone who is spending time here.

Please note however, we reserve the right to immediately remove any posts that does not conform to the goals set out without any warning. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban any member who violates these rules. If you are not sure, please privately message me or a member of our team.

Code of Conduct for the event.

Please see here for the code of conduct during our live event:

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