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Session with Richard Millington

Adrian Head of CommunityVanilla Staff

15 Ways You Can Improve Your Community Right Now with Richard Millington - May 21st 2:05 PM - 3:00PM ET

In this session, FeverBee’s Richard Millington will distill a decade of experience into his top 15 ideas you can use to improve your community today.

The ideas will span the continuum of our work. You will learn how to improve your community design, attract more members, increase engagement, nurture more superusers, and get the kind of results you want from your community. Some ideas are pulled from the cutting edge of the community field and others are battle-tested ideas used by many of the world’s top communities today.

No fluff, no broad opinions about the future of our work, just pure tactical steps to improve your community right now. If you want to drive powerful results as quickly as possible, attend this session.

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