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Session: Getting Super with Your Users

Adrian Head of CommunityVanilla Staff

A session on Super User and Ambassador Programs on May 20th 9:00-9:55 AM ET with:

  • Jake McKee - Community5
  • Tanja Laub - WalkAboutMedia
  • Todd Nilson - ClockTower Advisors

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Join Jake, Todd and Tanja as they talk how to create the best super user and ambassador programs. What to watch for, what to consider and how to best plan for it. They’ll also be taking your questions

Ask your questions and get ready in this discussion!


  • southpaw
    southpaw EventAttendee

    I found the entire Vanilla Conversations Sprint 2020 event to be time well-spent, and I appreciate Vanilla's making it available, for free!

    Inspired now by the event, I'm diving into some backlogged projects for my Community. One in particular, though not identical to a Superusers/Ambassadors program, is similar enough, I think it fits well with this topic.

    Context: I've been asked to create a space for a "discussion panel" in Community and invite some of our long-term customers to participate. They'll get personal access to VPs and GMs and their opinions and feedback will help shape some of our business decisions. These aren't "Community Superusers" they're "Product Superusers."

    My question: What is the "magic ratio" of people to invite into a specialized Community group? We want to end up with 30-60 participants. How many people would you invite in order to achieve that goal?

    (And yes, I put magic ratio in quotes because I know there's no one right answer. I'm hoping for a meaningful conversation and lots of good insights, though.)

  • Adrian
    Adrian Head of Community Vanilla Staff
    edited May 2020 #3

    So if your goal is a group of 30-60, how many have you identified so far? As you say, there is no magic ratio - it depends on the goals and quality of the people you add. So it’s hard to say with exact science,

    ill also tag @jakemckee and @toddnilson on this in case they have any thoughts or insights to share.

  • southpaw
    southpaw EventAttendee

    See, I may already be going at this wrong!

    How many have I identified so far? I was looking for a number before starting. Do I have the cart before the horse??

    Our analytics team intends to run a query to provide me a list of long-time customers with some specific attributes. I would then invite those customers to participate in this exclusive discussion panel. The analytics team wanted to know how many customers I want on this list... and so I started looking for the magic ratio. I don't want to have to keep to going back to analytics with a "more, please" request.

    The idea I'm working with at the moment is to request a list of 300, in the hopes that the magic ratio turns out to be no greater than 10 invitations/active participant. But then out of caution that perhaps as many as one out of every two might eagerly accept, I thought I'd send the invitations in small batches, so I don't end up with far too many participants.

    Tweaks and suggestions toward improving (or ditching) that strategy are welcome.

  • Adrian
    Adrian Head of Community Vanilla Staff

    Personally I never have been so much about a number, as much as I have been about finding people with the right temperament. Who cares if you have 10, 50 or 100 - if the contributions are not handy. Some people have super user programs with 5 people - with strict criteria to gain entry, and a waiting list. Others have a larger number, but the guidelines are more open. What is your end goal with the group? I would start small with those your team probably is aware of through CSM interaction or public comment and build on it, rather than worrying about a scattershot approach.

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