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Virtual Event: 5 Days - 5 Webinars - Week of January 20th

AdrianAdrian Vanilla Staff

Hey Friends,

Did you get a copy of our 2020 Predictions ebook? We are holding an accompanying fireside chat with 5 experts over 5 days tackling some of the chapters. Sign up here.

Community Goes Green, Chapter 1

Privacy and Data Management, Chapter 5

Shift Towards Executive Interest in Community, Chapter 9

Rise of the Branded Community Over Social Media , Chapter 10

Community Integration into the Total Organization Ecosystem, Chapter 11

Even if you can't make it you will get a copy of the recording. Also - and the reason for this post, you can ask your questions - and here or send me a PM on the topics they will cover, and you will get your answers live.

See you there!


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